Sunday, January 12, 2014

Origin of the Species

For sale: great car, low mileage and original condition. Sounds perfect right?

It could well be, but if there's one descriptor that catches people out, it's the term "original condition".

How do you know a car is truly original? If it's on the 2nd or 3rd owner, the glossy manufacturer’s brochure is probably long gone, and the manual could have vanished, too. Without any visual reference, you're reliant on the integrity of the seller, along with a lot of guesswork.

Consider searching online as your ultimate guide to original condition, because there's a whole world of images out there for every car. Search images for a 2005 Toyota Corolla hatch. You'll get official photos from the factory, shots from road tests at launch time, owner's and seller's shots, all showing the car as made and sold new. You'll also see photos of what it shouldn't look like with decidedly unoriginal personal touches!

When you find a car selling in original condition, but you're not sure about the multi-coloured stripes, alloy wheels and rear spoiler, just do a check online to see what "original" really looks like. Or come and talk to us at Carzoos where we're about making used car buying as stress free as new car buying!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Read the Good Book?

You know the one. It's not too big, packed with valuable information and comes free with every car. And you'll find it tucked away in the glove box.

It's your car owner’s manual. But how well do you know yours? It's incredible how many people have only ever given their manual a cursory look. You don't have to know it inside out, but not reading, understanding and using your manual could be a costly, even dangerous mistake.

Manufacturers spend many thousands of dollars producing manuals to help owners make the most of their car's features and keep them running just right, from top to tail-light, dipstick to wiper blades. Chances are your car can do things you never thought of. Or there's more to that funny switch than you imagined. And before you break something by mistake, have a look in the good book for all the answers.

Anything and everything is covered in the manual, including very important things like tyre pressure information which, if you don't deal with on a regular basis, could really compromise your safety.

The good old car owner's manual. It might be a little book but it's a big help.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Wheels

What's your New Year's resolution? If it's getting the car you've always wanted, it could very well happen. Because just as you're thinking about changing to another car, so are hundreds of other people. And that means the used car market can be a good place around New Year.

Maybe you drive a sedan and really want a sports car. Perhaps a guy across town has decided to sell his 4x4 to downsize to a sedan. While not far away, a lady needs a 4x4 to for her sea change move to the coast. And you guessed it – she needs to sell her sports car.

It's not confusing; it's just how the used car market seems to roll, because the need for change is what it's all about, especially around the New Year period when lots of people like to start the year fresh, very often with a different set of wheels.

So if you've resolved to move on to another car in 2014, remember, you're not alone. The car that you want could be just what someone else doesn't want, and you could both start the New Year pretty happy!