Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Formula E - the formula for sustainable racing

Formula E is a new concept due to kick off in September this year. It's an official FIA sanctioned competition, with high speed, high stakes and 100% electric power. With the first round next month in Singapore, the championship will be contested across 10 round amongst some of the worlds leading cities. Australia is not slated for the inaugural season but with this competition in its infancy, don't be surprised to see an Australian city featured in the following years.

This competition represents a vision for the future of the racing industry. This championship will work as a framework for many brands to R&D the future of electric powered cars. Lets face it, oil is a finite resource and this is the way of the future.

The concept is an 'open championship' which gives car manufacturers and constructors a platform to showcase their electrical engineering against technical specifications, set by the FIA, much the same as your traditional Formula One.

As per the Formula E website:

"The Championship centres around three core values of Energy, Environment and Entertainment and is a fusion of engineering, technology, sport, science, design, music and entertainment - all combining to drive the change towards an electric future"

Electric power is undoubtably the way of the future, and we here at Carzoos are extremely excited at the prospect of this competition. This platform will help revolutionise electric cars for you and I. 

For more information check out the official site here. 

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