Tuesday, August 19, 2014

10 Essentials For Your Next Road Trip

Whether you're road tripping to the next music festival, taking the gran-kids fishing or throwing the surfboards on the roof and sleeping in your boot, road tripping is a favourite pastime of many Australians. With a country as expansive as ours, let's face it, we do a lot of driving.

We have done some digging around here at Carzoos and have put together some essentials for your next road trip.

A road trips not a road trip until you're pulled over, lost, map in hand. We certainly encourage you to have your GPS devices but never underestimate the convenience of a physical map which doesn't run out of battery, loose signal or send you round in circles.

The Playlist
An absolute essential is the playlist. Always take into consideration the audience of your vehicle and choose a list to cater for all. With our expansive country you can't always rely on the radio, so make sure your audio device is compatible with your ride. A silent road trip is a long road trip.

Comfort food can be a life saver on the late nights or early mornings. A 'cooler' bag of some description is ideal for keeping your beverages cool for the long, open road. Pre-packing meals can save you enormous amounts on food and drinks whilst on the road. Some of those lonely and remote road houses aren't renowned for their price (or quality).

Make sure your vehicle is stocked with the bare essentials. You don't wanna be caught at a drop hole and be fresh out of toilet paper. Keeping tissues, toilet paper and sanitizer handy will save you from any unexpected circumstances on the road.

Don't be the one squinting all day. Australia is a big, dry and bright country - save your eyes and keep a pair of shades plastered on your face.

In the era of smart phones we are all essentially carrying a camera. Don't feel like you shouldn't bring a traditional camera, these are much more likely to get picked up and shared around. Your diversity of photos will be much larger then just your 'selfie' diary.

Spare Pair of Keys
A life saver. Just make sure you don't keep them together...

A Best Friend
Everything is more fun with a companion, and a road trip is no exception. A good memory is a memory shared. 

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