Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gran Turismo - From Concept to Reality

"In game"
Earlier this year Toyota brought a game inspired concept from the screen to reality. Many car fans will know of the hugely popular Gran Turismo franchise. This game has for a number of years invited top automotive manufactures to design concept cars for their latest editions of the game.
"In real life"

This popular concept has now begun to turn from concept to reality with the Toyota FT-1 being brought to life. Toyota's vice-president of product communications, Mike Michaels, said "It (the FT-1) was originally designed and conceived for Gran Turismo 6". After taking the game concept to the Toyota global president, Akio Toyoda, he was so impressed he told his staff "you have to make this a real car". The rest is history.

At present, there are no plans to put the FT-1 concept into production. Mike Michaels however did say there is a "50-50" chance you could get behind the wheel yourself... one day. We can only hope.

The FT-1 at the New York auto show in April

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