Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Top 5 for Driverless

Google's take on the driverless environment.

Whilst it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing product from Google. Its concept is undoubtedly the way of the future. The idea of driverless technology has been round for as long as cars have been. In the 50s futurists predicted we would be in cars lead by electronic pathways.

Driverless technology is inevitable and could be just the fix we need to kerb dangerous driving and ultimately lower automotive related deaths. Here is our top 5 reasons this technology will change our lives - for better or worse.

Driverless technology circa 1957 - Electronically guided highways.
With thousands of deaths on our roads each year its clear humans are not as good at driving as we think we are. Driverless cars will not speed, they will not drink and drive and they won't be racing their friends. Driverless 1 - Humans 0

With more cars and people then ever before the inevitable traffic jams are predicted to get worse. With driverless technology, cars will be able to travel centimetres behind each other in convoy without the sporadic breaking and pointless hold ups incurred through human intervention. Driverless 2 - Humans 0 

Free time
We spend thousands of hours in our cars over our lifetime. Imagine if this time could be productive. We could be working from our cars or even, as predicted in 1957, playing boardgames with our children...
Driverless 3 - Humans 0 

We will be able to have our own personal valet. No longer will we have to find our own parking spots, our cars can drop us at our location then skulk away to find that space kilometres away. Ready to go? Just use your smart phone to summon your ride back to the front door.
Driverless 4 - Humans 0 

Now for many of us driving can be more a pleasure then a pain. The feel of a nice motor under your foot as you motor around that windy coastal road is a pleasure we will ultimately loose. Not to mention the small bubble Google expects us to sit in... Driverless 4 - Humans 1

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