Thursday, June 19, 2014


Whatever brand you drive, there’s a story behind each and every name. Curious about how some came about?  Here are a few origins from M - V that may give you the edge next time you enter a trivia game.

Mazda – supposedly after Ahura Mazda, chief deity of the Zoroastrians, though some believe it’s a poor anglicised version of the founder’s name, Jujiro Matsuda.

Mitsubishi  – mitsu means three and hishi means diamond (the logo shape).

Nissan – the company was earlier known as Nippon Sangyo, which means "Japan Industries", but was shortened to Nissan

Peugeot – named after founder Emile Peugeot.

SAAB – derived from Swedish Aeroplane Company, with the AB coming from the word automobile.

SUBARU – from the Japanese name for the constellation known as Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, as in their logo.

Toyota – named after founder, Sakichi Toyoda, though the initially brand name was Toyeda.

Volkswagen –German for people's car.

Volvo – from the Latin word volvo, which means, "I roll", which was originally earmarked for a ball bearing being developed by SKF.

Whatever name you drive, you’ll find pretty much every brand of car on Carzoos, and maybe even some you never heard of.

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