Sunday, January 5, 2014

Read the Good Book?

You know the one. It's not too big, packed with valuable information and comes free with every car. And you'll find it tucked away in the glove box.

It's your car owner’s manual. But how well do you know yours? It's incredible how many people have only ever given their manual a cursory look. You don't have to know it inside out, but not reading, understanding and using your manual could be a costly, even dangerous mistake.

Manufacturers spend many thousands of dollars producing manuals to help owners make the most of their car's features and keep them running just right, from top to tail-light, dipstick to wiper blades. Chances are your car can do things you never thought of. Or there's more to that funny switch than you imagined. And before you break something by mistake, have a look in the good book for all the answers.

Anything and everything is covered in the manual, including very important things like tyre pressure information which, if you don't deal with on a regular basis, could really compromise your safety.

The good old car owner's manual. It might be a little book but it's a big help.

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