Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Real Aussies drive utes

Well, that's what the bumper stickers say. And you know where they're stuck? On utes of every shape, size and age, of course.

Australians love their utes and no wonder why. They're such a practical vehicle, able to get you from A to B and take anything imaginable along for the ride, so long as it fits in the back. And usually being 2-3 seaters, they come in handy when everyone wants a lift somewhere.

These days there are so many options out there, from pure workhorses to seriously luxurious trucks. There's 4x4s, diesels, V8 muscle utes and loads of crew-cabs with four doors which are gaining huge popularity.

Yes, there's nothing like having a ute, and you can suddenly find yourself very popular. That's why there's another bumper sticker out there, which says: Yes, I own this ute. No, I won’t help you move.

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