Wednesday, April 24, 2013


With ANZAC Day this week, all of us here at Carzoos wanted to take a moment to acknowledge those who have dedicated themselves – past and present – to protecting our great nation.

Armies are made up of many thousands of brave men and women, but they are also served by some pretty remarkable feats of auto engineering. In advance of Thursday’s parades, we thought we'd put together a little parade of our own to celebrate the four wheeled wonders of Australia’s armed services. Keep a look out for some of these at your own local parade.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Re-releases: Not just for Hollywood

The new Beetle has just gone on sale in Australia, and it looks to have a much broader appeal this time around, with its sleeker, more masculine design and improved performance and driveability.

Re-releases are about finding the perfect balance of past and present. Retaining the nostalgia and integrity of the original, while updating it to make the most of modern technology and catering to modern expectations. A fine line to walk!!

The successful re-releases over the last few years has got us thinking - what else would we love to see make a comeback?

Well an absolute classic would be the VW Kombi. It could become the people mover of the 21st Century, with charm and practicality in abundance. Or what about a sleekly redesigned FJ Holden or Valiant Charger?  Men 17 to 70 would be flocking for one of those.

But our personal favourite would be a re-release of Holden’s classic 70s Sandman. The panel van as a style slowly fallen out of favour in recent years, but we think it’s got a great functionality benefit, and a whole heap of cool.

What do you think? Would you like to see one of these models re-released, or do you have your own nostalgic favourite to add to the list?