Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Colour of Money Saved

In fact, it's a lovely shade of green. Environment-saving green in the form of electric and hybrid cars that can really reduce the cost of motoring.

It seems like only yesterday that electric and hybrid cars were introduced to Australia, but these once novelty cars have been running around, very quietly, since 2001. Over 10 years later they're still getting about and are more popular than ever, with a wider range of manufacturers getting in on
the act.

While not as common as petrol or diesel vehicles, increased popularity means greater availability in the second hand market and a 'green' car is well worth looking out for on Carzoos.

Obviously, the biggest saving is running costs because electric and hybrid cars don't chew up precious fossil fuels that continue to climb higher in price. Another great advantage is that these cars lead fairly stress free lives. They have less moving parts, often get about in a far more relaxed manner and tend not to be driven to extremes.

Whatever your favourite colour is, green is one colour worth thinking about if you're after a second hand car that's had an easy life, is kinder to the environment and will provide value for money motoring now and in the future.

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