Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lost in Translation

Manufacturers invest countless hours developing each and every car. They get everything just right, and then ask marketing for a catchy name. History proves many didn’t invest much thought or time, or consult translators.

A lot of car names have come unstuck in Spanish, where Pajero means something you shouldn’t do in public, Nova means it doesn’t go, and if you have a Pinto, your manhood is a little questionable.

Japanese car makers love cute names. But how about telling people you drive a Social Pose, a Minica Lettuce, a Mini Active Urban Sandal, an Afternoon Tea or a Purple Winky?

Where did it all go wrong? Perhaps Chevrolet started it in the 50s, naming their new 2 door after a swift and slender African antelope, the Impala. Trouble was, the Chevy Impala weight close to 4,500lbs, had the dimensions of a small truck, and was anything but graceful.

If you’re after a used car of any shape, size or brand, you’ll find it with Carzoos. Just remember to double-check its name!

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