Thursday, November 28, 2013

Circle the Wagons

What did Australians do before 4x4s lumbered onto the scene? How did we cart stuff about, head off on holiday or take a gang to the beach?

 Image: Flickr Creative CommonsStation wagons. Sleeker, longer versions of everyone’s favourite sedans, with room for everything. They did everything a 4x4 could do, except serious off-road work, but you could always try.

Lately though, the station wagon has been overshadowed with the growth in SUV popularity, but there is hope for the old favourite.

Because if you think smart, station wagons are real cars, not domesticated trucks. They usually have less and lighter running gear, from wheels to suspension, chassis, engine size and body mass.

All that means they’re cheaper to run because you’re not paying to carry around extra weight in components you probably don’t need.

So if you have a 4x4 in mind, maybe think again and check out some of the great station wagons on Carzoos. Their real world ability will surprise you, as they have for generations.

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