Friday, October 11, 2013

Win Sunday - Buy Monday

There's an old saying in motor racing along the lines of "Win it on Sunday, sell it on Monday". So true, because the big race at Bathurst is for production cars, real cars from a factory that anyone can buy and call their own.

Of course, you can't buy an actual stripped down racer with roll bars, tricked up components, slick tyres etc, but you can get pretty close. The Ford or Holden V8 sedan that wins Bathurst started life as a great Australian road car. It just lost some creature comforts and gained a few stickers along the way to the track.

The tradition of racing production cars at Bathurst is what makes it one of the world's great races, because the average motorist can readily identify with the vehicle, unlike F1 and other motorsports where the car hi-tech science lab on wheels.

So, if you love Bathurst and like the idea of owning a race-winning car, well the genesis of one, keep an eye on Carzoos to own a mountain machine.

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