Friday, October 11, 2013

Son of Godzilla Returns

Ford and Holden have long dominated the great race at Bathurst. There have been other winners, particularly in the early days when many marques in different classes took to the track, but essentially it’s been a Ford vs Holden war, the way fans like it.

In the early 90s an unwelcome yet super fast intruder from Japan appeared, the incredible Nissan GT-R, and it earned the nickname Godzilla, because like the movie monster, the GT-R wiped out everything. However, Godzilla’s reign as king of the mountain was spectacular and brief, dethroned by angry fans, unhappy competitors and new rules.

The racing rules have been re-written again and this year Nissans will return to Bathurst. Four Nissan Altimas will follow in Godzilla's all conquering footsteps to break the traditional Holden and Ford stranglehold on the trophy. Keep a close eye on these very capable sons of Godzilla - they might just give the others a scare.

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