Friday, October 11, 2013

Lowndes Another Legend?

It's hard to beat Craig Lowndes' record at Bathurst. His CV for the mountain is so impressive, he looks set to join some famous names in the legend’s stakes.

In 2013 Lowndes will line up on the grid for his 20th Bathurst start, which means he's been racing around the mountain almost half his life (Craig turns 40 in 2014). During that time he's won 5 times and come pretty close, standing on the podium 8 times. This year's Bathurst will also be Lowndes' 500th STCC/V8 Supercars Championship Race.

That score alone makes him a legend, but if he bags a podium finish this year, he'll tie with some of the biggest names in Bathurst history – Brock, Perkins and Richards – for the record of most podiums.

There are a lot drivers worth supporting in Sunday's big race, but only one is on the cusp of greatness. Good luck Craig.

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