Friday, October 11, 2013

Fast Facts at 298km/h

Bathurst looks and sounds amazing on TV. But what you don't get on the box is a real feel for the place, this true road racetrack carved out of the side of a mountain in regional NSW. Here are a few fast facts about this world famous circuit.

Mount Panorama Scenic Drive started as a dirt track tourist run in the 1930s and is still used as a public road, except at race times. The track is 6.21km long, and at its highest point are 862m above sea level (and the views are spectacular).

A race car roars around the track in just over 2 minutes, which in nothing, so there's not a lot of time to admire the scenery. Along the way, at an lap average lap speed of 178kn/h, there are 6 hard braking corners to negotiate, another 6 six or so high speed twists, turns and drop aways to master, along with incredibly fast straights, like Conrod where top speed
is 298km/h.

Do all of the above over 160 times to rack up 1000.29 km to complete a race, and you'll really know a lot Bathurst.

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