Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cars and Romance

Since day one, cars and romance seem to have been inextricably linked. What is it about cars and love that go so well together? Is it the feelings of freedom and escape, the memories of young love, or is it simply that cars are just damn sexy!

Well with St Valentine making his annual appearance again this week, we thought we’d give you some suggestions on how to celebrate your Valentine’s weekend with the two loves of your life. 

  1. Pack a picnic and take a romantic drive into the mountains.
  2. Leave a love note on your partner’s steering wheel.
  3. You can’t go wrong with dinner and a classic car movie.
  4. Surprise your loved one by getting his (or her!) car detailed while they’re at work.
  5. How about a night at the drive in?
  6. Rent a vintage convertible for the weekend and take drive along the coast.
  7. Rediscover the backseat!
  8. Or just go all out and have a new car waiting in the driveway on Valentine’s morning. This one’s guaranteed to be a winner!

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