Wednesday, December 19, 2012

We Wish You A Safety Christmas

The Christmas holidays have begun in earnest, which usually means a lot of extra driving. We don’t need to tell you that the road toll always goes through the roof at this time of year, so make sure you keep road safety top of mind throughout the season.

Obviously driving under the influence is illegal, but your driving can be impaired even when you’re under the limit. A couple of mid strengths, a hot day and a large lunch will make you drowsy and less alert behind the wheel. If you can, stay off the sauce all together, or at least take refresher before you get in the car. Also remember that if you’ve had a particularly big night you might still be over the limit the next day, so give it a few hours before you drive in the morning.

Unfamiliar and Dangerous Roads
High speed highways, twisty mountain roads, T-intersections that come out of nowhere... unfamiliar roads can be quite dangerous if you’re not paying enough attention. Slow down, turn down the music, and make sure you study the route before you leave to be prepared for differing road rules or driving conditions. Definitely don’t go into autopilot listening to the GPS lady!

Realistic Distances
Trying to cram in 12 hours a day is no fun for anyone – and it’s definitely not the safest approach to your road trip. Instead of trying to get the drive done as quickly as possible, try to enjoy it! The Australian countryside is beautiful, and this is your opportunity to savour it. Allow enough time to reach your destination – overestimate if you need to – so you’re not rushing to get there. And make sure you have lots of rest stops and breaks – every two hours is a minimum.

Preparation Preparation Preparation
We know you’re inundated with parties, family gatherings and Christmas shopping, but it’s vital you find some time in that schedule for some basic maintenance. Book in for a service if you can. But if you’ve left it too late, you can still run a few quick checks at home. Make sure the windscreen is clean and your RACQ is paid up. Check your tyres, oil, hoses, belts and water. It’s always a good idea to keep an extra bottle of water in the boot for when it inevitable happens and your engine overheats halfway up a mountain.

And it’s not just your car that should be in good working order before you leave. Try to finish up all your packing and preparation in enough time to get a decent night’s sleep before the drive. There’s no point having your car in perfect working order if you’re not!

Ok, ok we’re done with the preaching! All of us here at Carzoos wish you a happy, joyful and safe Christmas. See you in the new year!

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