Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Your First Car: Head vs Heart

Your First Car: Head vs Heart

Your first car, it’s a rite of passage. You can’t wait to get behind that wheel for the first time and drive off, alone, in your very own car. What a feeling!
You’ve been slaving at Coles for three years to scrape the cash together, and it’s finally time to sign on the dotted line.So the question is, do you go with your head or your heart?

Your Head Says:

Well firstly, I’m operating on a small budget. A small budget to buy this used car, and a small budget to run it. I need it to be reliable, and cheap to run and service. After fuel, food and beer I’ve got precious little cash left. I don’t want to be handing it over to a mechanic every other month.

Your Heart Says:

This is something I’ve been dreaming about since that first episode of Night Rider. The day I pick it up, I’m going to drive straight over to Robbo’s place and make him sick with envy. I’ve already picked out the fluffy dice and custom seat covers. It’s only a matter of time before I can afford that sound system upgrade! This car will be an extension of me, so it has to feel right.
 It may seem that your head and your heart will never agree. But at Carzoos you don’t have to choose! We’ve got a huge range of quality used cars all displayed on our website, so you can search online for your one true love. By the time you’ve taken your chosen used car for a test drive at your local dealership, you’ll be smitten. Heart Happy.

But what about your head? Well that’s why every one of our used cars comes with the Carzoos Happiness Guarantee. Each car comes with Carzoos Fixed Price Servicing (so no nasty surprises at service time!), Carzoos Warranty, 120 Point Safety Check, and Roadside Assistance. But the thing that will really keep your head happy? Our 48hr Moneyback Guarantee! (Otherwise known as the 48hr Why-did-I-buy-a-V8-I-can’t-even-afford-to-fill-it-up!! Guarantee) If within 48 hours your head has decided that your heart was a little hasty, just bring your used car back for a full refund. Head Happy.

So it’s simple really. Carzoos will keep your heart happy and your head happy. It’s first car buying you can’t get wrong!

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