Thursday, May 31, 2012

The My Family Sticker Gets a Makeover

The My Family Sticker Gets a Makeover

A by-product of being experts in used cars is that you become experts in bumper stickers as well! We see all kinds – funny, political, downright offensive… but by far the most prevalent these days is the ubiquitous My Family stick men.

To be honest, we were getting a bit sick of them, so were happy to discover that some clever folks out there have had a bit of a play with the format. Why be yourself when you could be Indiana Jones!
Here’s a collection of a few of our favourite stickers. You can also check out our collection of quality used cars (with and without bumper stickers!) at

 Indiana Jones Family

The Stig Family

Zombie Family

Ninja Family (Very cool!!)

Disney Family

Dalek Family

Apple Fanatics Family

Ghostbusters Family

Money Family (This might be Ice-T’s car!)

Skulls Family

VW Family (for the Volkswagen drivers!)

And of course, the Star Wars Families, in all shapes and sizes.

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