Friday, May 4, 2012

Carzoos - As seen on TV!

Big news - we’ve just launched our TV ad! It’s our first ever for Carzoos, so we’re pretty excited about it. 

At Carzoos, we like to make used car buying straightforward as possible – no shiny false promises or funny business – and wanted to reflect this in our advertising. Our whole campaign is about boiling down all of the used car jargon to it’s simplest form. Brutal Simplicity, we call it. 

We started with a nice narrative to tell the Carzoos story: Used car buying you can’t get wrong. Next, we developed a series of catchy icons as a bit of a quick reference guide to what we’re on about. And then we made everything orange. Because, well, it’s more fun that way!

We made our TV ad with the help of the guys at Publicis Mojo Brisbane, Cutting Edge Post Production, and a great director and animator named Davros – yes, just Davros – from Cartel Films.  

We’re pretty proud of how it’s turned out. We hope you like it too. And of course, if you’re looking for used car buying you can’t get wrong, visit Carzoos.

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